16 Nov 2016 Hour 20:30
Teatro Ca' Foscari

elementary dramatic

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Brothers From Street
elementary dramatic
by and with Marta Dalla Via - Diego Dalla Via
technical direction Roberto Di Fresco
in collaboration with The Dovecote Production Centre Theatre
with the support of OperaEstate Festival Veneto

After the Devoto-Oli, the Sabatini-Coletti, Castiglione-Mariotti, comes from the Via-Dalla Via, the improbable medley Dictionary of two pupils, roughly illiterate, self established themselves avant-garde authors. Expelled from schools of all levels, betrayed, like Hansel and Gretel, who had to protect them, two morons are rampant debauched drawing dramas from Dadaist dictionary. Based on a structure and acrostics tautogrammi, the holding route and the redemption of the two protagonists, becomes a school fable about firstly the desire to play with words, the desire to change the name to the world.

Once upon a time the A bee, the boat B, C home. But the alphabet is no longer what we were taught in elementary school, all is chewed and digested like a gingerbread nightmare. In the society where all alarmism, accustomed to abundance, bored waiting for apocalypse announced, the A becomes cut off in hallucination attack on America. The result is a playful and lucid analysis of a society devoted to the paradox that can only move on the oxymoronic coordinates of an oblique horizon, between a Westernized East and Orientalized West, in short between Osama and Obama between opalescence and darkness.

In the course of the narrative, the contradiction as the underlying theme of this, it becomes individual and collective destiny: never really in a cage, never fully free. In elementary Dramatic are the very rigid cages of the language game which end to free speech in an irreverent contemporary primer in story form. So it is not surprising that even the viewer, as the two protagonists, should make quite an effort to find the fine line between life and word, between word and word. [Brothers From Via]

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The ticket price for students is € 3.50.

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