07 Sep 2016 Hour 19:00
Telecom Italia Future Centre

ARGIA | "Success is a past participle"

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"Success is ... a past participle" - is a concert in scenic form that has as its subject ARGIA, which means "Enlightened".

This is a woman struggling with their emotions and unroll the stages that run through the time line of each of us, somewhere between uneasiness not granted and forced decisiveness.
The subject is dispatched through "A choice of very different songs to each other, if you refer to a cataloging system time and genre of the music" - Says Lisa Stone, author and performer of the project, and continues: "but very close instead, if he considers the emotional impact that each piece evokes in people for decades, the degree of empathy can the viewer in relation to recognizable musical themes, memorable and lovable and then the aesthetic principles which i believe should never be underestimated ".


Let me weep, Georg Friedrich Händel
Habanera, Georges Bizet
Summertime George Gershwin
No me quitte pas Jacques Brel
The Diva dellÉmpire, Erik Satie
Ave Maria, Franz Schubert
Mei Glaubigues Hertze, Johann Sebastian Bach

Mauro Spano was born in Erice (Trapani) on 01/13/1995. After collaborating with different professionals of his country in the field Rock / Pop moved in Veneto where he began to study with Master Paolo Birro and many other great professionals, and not Italian. For years an intense concert activity in Italy and he is in charge of several projects in which militates like Pianist, composer and arranger. With the meeting of his jazz trio and soprano Lisa Stone aims to test his skills as an arranger by assigning to a purely classical repertoire, a jazz / contemporary mask.

Alexandra Foffano began studying ballet at the age of seven years and is now a teacher certified ABT® who has successfully completed the Intensive Training ABT® from Pre-Primary to level 5 of the National Training Curriculum and ABT® ' teacher of technical Zena Rommet Floor-Barre®. Choreographer and artistic director of neoclassical dance theater company Murmure Trinsant has worked with several exhibitions of interactional art, advertising and theater events.

Lisa Stone is a young soprano and music scholar and performing arts, recognized mainly for the results obtained in contemporary music and experimental theater. Project director LIVING MUSIC. SING THE ARCHITECTURE, co-founder of the blog Glaming Art, leads the RENDERING on Radio Ca 'Foscari University and is founder of the homonymous music festival. Among the major collaborations include those with Choir Regio di Parma, Cathedral of Milan, Expo, Giovanni Allevi, Federico Buffa, La Fenice Theatre. It was awarded the Critics' Prize "Tor Vergata" - the film festival of Pathological Theatre in Rome in the latest edition. Among the most representative projects include ARGIA and RENDERING.

Always interested in search of music and architecture, and the relationship between voice and space and has won various conferences and publications. Attentive to the art communication through writing and creating contest, which sees it as creative actions in effect, is the owner and artistic director of the research project "Living music. Singing the architecture. "- Artistic residence and research, Pizzoferrato (Ch), from which will be born RENDERING, first as a radio format broadcast on Radio Ca '' Foscari on contemporary music and architecture influences and the visual arts and then as a music festival in Abruzzo.
And 'creator and founder of the first duo never existed before for Soprano and Clarinet and collaborates with several ensembles of musical experimentation as Elettrofoscari and perSoprano and Electronics projects.

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