15 Nov 2016 Hour 21:00
Ai Biliardi

Tononomodo - + live presentation of "Second"

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TONOMODO was formed in 2012 from an idea of trumpeter Ilic Fenzi. It includes Alberto Collodel on bass clarinet, Andrea Carlon on bass and Massimo Delrio on drums. The debut work is the hard "Seduction Narcissistic" came out for the Venetian Galatina Records label. It collects almost all compositions of trumpeter, in which the lyrical imprint of his beautiful instrumental voice and a certain formal rigor may call to mind some "sound poems" Ayler and Coleman. Sound matter is imbued with jazz, however, and sometimes the group does goes beyond the formal canons and harmonic patterns playing with the other musical colors. The quartet also experiments songs copyright, mainly garde jazz 50s and '60s, providing an always very personal. The stamp, often "unorthodox" proceeds from the instruments, rhythm and dynamics can be managed in real time with a clear common goal: the collective sound. And 'an unstable equilibrium, backed with experience and interplay. Each performance is unique and unrepeatable. Currently, the group is presenting the new work "Second", just released self-produced.


Ilic Fenzi, trumpet
On the music scene since the seventies, classically trained. After graduating in trumpet at the Conservatory of Ferrara begins, starting in the seventies, in the field of jazz collaborations with artists such as G. Gaslini, R. Dellagrotta, G. Prina, S. Cerino, Paul Jeffrey, Peter and Marcello Tonolo, M . Abrams and many others. Currently also forms part of the "Laboratory Novamusica" with whom he has performed in Italy and in Europe alongside artists such as Butch Morris, W. Flocks Rzewsky F., L. Ligeti, C. Palestine. In 2012 he published his first work with "Tonomodo" quartet.

Alberto Collodel, bass clarinet
He began playing the clarinet at an early age, then devoting himself to jazz and improvised music. For about 10 years active on the jazz-impro national and international scene, she collaborates on projects from different backgrounds: from the classic jazz combo, to the widest formations. He also works in the field of performance art and contemporary dance. He has had the pleasure of playing and recording with: Ivan Pilat, Stefano Giust, Dominik Gawara, Davide Lorenzon, Alessandro Fiorin Damiani, Luciano Caruso, Lukas Ligeti, William Parker, Peter Knight, Stephen Davismoon, Mats Gustafsson, Steve Lehman, Rob Mazurek, Mattias Schubert, Tim Trevor-Briscoe, Edward Marraffa, Nicola Guazzaloca, Piero Bittolo Bon, John Mancuso, Peter Tonolo, Adam Simmons, Marc Abrams, Maurizio Giammarco, Giorgio Pacorig, Beppe Scardino and many others.

Andrea Carlon, bass
He began in the early 80s to play jazz in various situations and formations, from small combos to big bands. At the beginning of the 90 approaches the matrix extrajazzistica music, is interested in improvisation, attends and works with musicians and composers of contemporary mining, enters in the then newborn Laboratory Novamusica, starting a large performing and recording activity (Galatina Records ) that is still continuing. In 2012 he gets closer to jazz with Tonomodo quartet, publishing a CD for Galatina Records, on behalf of Ilic Fenzi, in May 2012. He had the pleasure of playing and recording with Renato Geremia, Umberto de Nigris, Puka Karoly, Jonas mathias Marcello and Pietro Tonolo, Carla Bley, Paul Jeffrey, John Mancuso, Gavin Bryars, Philip Corner, Malcolm Goldstein, Walter Flocks Renato Rivolta, Frederic Rzewski, Lawrence "Butch" Morris, Lukas Ligeti, Raiz, Corrado Fantoni, Luca Mosca, Jean Marc Chouvel, Charlemagne Palestine, Rossano Pinelli and many others.

Maximum Delrio, battery
For many years he appreciated drummer on the jazz music scene and beyond. He had among his teachers Max Roach, Kenny Clarke and more recently John Riley. Sounds and collaborations in Italy and abroad.
Recently he recorded for Tonomodo quartet for Soul Singer Gospel Choir. Forthcoming a CD with Ilen Mamà 4et.


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