25 Oct 2016 Hour 18:00
Magazzini del Sale

Salt Docks opening.


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- From 18:30 to 20:00
TALK // Corrado Gemini presents CTRL
"CTRL Project: Rethinking the music market in the post-industrial and-capitalize copyright.

CTRL is a rising of production and work cooperative that will see its members (authors, performers and music market participants) equally own and autogovernare an advanced digital platform that through blockchain, contracts and other smart fully disintermedierà instruments the music market by putting in connection the members with various forms / contracts (production, distribution, exhibition, etc sync). The cooperative will check itself a collecting society based on CC licenses - and will represent the application of theories on cooperativism platform for the music industry, that between cultural markets at the same time represents the most verticalized and revolutionized (down) from ' digital era.

- From 21:00
Live Electronic September

+ PATRIZIA Mattioli (IT)
+ R. ARIEL (US) - Identified Demon European Tour

The evening will be accompanied by a selection of electronic music distributed by the best Italian and foreign netlabel. The initiative is part of the project Netlabels Fair electronicgirls, presented within Electro Camp - International Platform for New Sounds & Dance.

R. ARIEL, American musician, he toured Europe to present his fifth album released on June 2 for Gloam Recordings (UK) and her book "In North America". Brian Eno, who recently received the artist as the best new creative to Nois Fest (UK), he describes the music: "This sounds like nostalgia for what feels like. Or in memory. This piece has an illusive serenity to it Which fills the room ".
R.Ariel, chosen by Boiler Room as the best artistic revelation of the year, was in the MoMA in New York to an installation of Hana Tajima with the song "No Middle Names". Its winter tour the will perform in over 40 cities across Europe.

Patrizia Mattioli - INCREASE release party for electronicgirls
The composer parmigiana presents the new "Increase" album for free download for electronicgirls from 25 October. Diploma in clarinet at the Conservatory A. Boito in Parma, has perfected his studies with the master of composition in London. He won the international competition of electroacoustic IRCAM in Paris. It is often compared with other artistic disciplines, theater, dance, visual arts, poetry, performance, sound projects. He began his compositional path and intense collaboration with Refractions Lenz Lenz Theatre, research training among the strictest in the European scene, with Daniela Rossi and Rosaria Lo Russo with sound poetry project "Fragile Warriors", with the company was Aquarius Dance with the dancer Daniel Albanian, Europe Theatres, Coppelia Theatre, Sandra Soncini and with different experimental groups of the musical avant-garde. His scores have been presented in various prestigious festivals, including the Venice Biennale Dance / Music, Nature Gods Theatres, Looks Sound Festival of Media, Time Based Art, Santarcangelo Festival, Cantieri Danza, Zona Franca, Pontedera Theatres, As Little Phoenix 2, Theatre in the Park, Consulate Italian Nice, poetry Festival Parma, Europe Theatres, Teatro Verdi in Milan, Teatro Elfo Puccini.


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