20 Nov 2016 Hour 18:00
Centro Culturale Candiani

Raiz & Fausto Mesolella

Candiani Groove

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Raiz & Fausto Mesolella
"Dago Red"

Raiz: Item | Fausto Mesolella: guitars, vocals

Dago Red
The narrative and song, the past and the present meet on the same stage, in a romantic short, proletarian migration. Two protagonists of Italian popular music of recent years, the singer Raiz (Naples, 1967 ex-Almamegretta) and guitarist and producer, Fausto Mesolella (Caserta, 1953, former Avion Travel) are complicit in a study that starts from art South origins and come away, across the ocean, without distorting, but multiplying verbs, actions, emotions and images.
Their first and so far only album, Dago Red, finds its origin in the homonymous collection of thirteen stories that the Italian-American writer John Fante began writing in 1932 and finally published in 1940. The term "dago red" it could be translated as "red scare", which is red wine. The "guinea wine" is that red villager, perhaps not too popular with discerning palates of sommelier, but strong, sincere and heady, very widespread in the first half of the last century between Italians emigrated to the United States. Both the disk and the concert offer original reworking of "memorabilia" of the Neapolitan songbook, mixing them with what Naples is not for the registry, but that belongs in an equally profound way to the spirit of this extraordinary duo of musicians and citizens of the world . Their instincts rock, soul, blues, reggae make peace - or at least try to do it - with those of songs that illustrate a land (North America) for travel experiences, multicolor, wop (nickname given Italians emigrated to the United States, which early last century were working without papers, but Wop is also the title of the first album by a solo Raiz, 2004).
A musical journey, one proposed by Raiz and Mesolella, which goes beyond musical boundaries, cultural and ideological, to be addressed without bias, but with large and curious availability.

Claudio Donà

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Auditorium at Fourth Floor,
Centro Culturale Candiani, Mestre - Venice

Admission: € 13, concessions € 10 - Special reduced for young people up to 29 years (limited) 3 EUR
Tickets on sale at Ticket Center and online (with the exception of the special reduced) on www.centroculturalecandiani.it and www.biglietto.it sites (right presale 1 EUR) * Reductions for Candiani Card, CinemaPiù, IMG Card Association Caligula, students.

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