22 Jan 2017 Hour 18:00
Centro Culturale Candiani

The pianist Ahmad Aeham Damascus


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His images, at the piano in the rubble in his neighborhood on the outskirts of Damascus, have moved the entire world. It 'was the day when the Isis him burned the plan that Aeham decided to escape and come to Europe.

Aeham the music in his heart, always: born in 1989, pianist Ahmad Aeham worked in musical instrument shop of his father, a violinist who is blind. 'At the beginning of the siege I wanted to give up the music, remain neutral in the Syrian conflict. I was selling falafel, and I kept the music in the heart closed. But after six months, he could no longer contain it: it was stronger than me. So I took my plan, I set on the cart of greengrocer uncle, and I began to carry it among the most marked districts by the war to restore hope by singing for the people exhausted by the siege of the troops of Assad, by jihaidisti, by bombing and hunger '.

Aeham Ahmad became the pianist of Yarmuk, the Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus. The videos of him playing on piles of rubble have been around the world and the whole world knows the story interrupted the day when the militia ISIS burned his piano as haram - forbidden. At that moment it will travel thousands of kilometers that separate Damascus from Berlin on foot, on bagnarole of luck, devastated bus, with only a backpack and misery shoulder. Germany finds refuge in an old abandoned motel, where there is a piano and begins to do what he did in Yarmuk: playing and singing for children tossed from exile. start doing concerts and receives an award for its commitment in favor of human rights, also creates a record that will be released soon, he meets Angela Merkel, Martha Argerich, conquering the Beethoven prize: "Our message is to live without bullets and only the music".

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