30 Sep 2016 Hour 21:30
Spazio Aereo

Negativland / Team Omega / Love

Airspace 3rd B-Day


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For his third birthday Airspace gives and gives a bold Friday, powerful and visionary.

The now usual appointment with history will be the performance of Negativland, cheeky and versatile American experimental group that occasion will involve the electronic musician and Wobbly "live cinema" visual artist Steev Hise, in creating a sonic-visual flow that reinvents and cut-ups selected remixes of past and present, sonorizzati noise parts with homemade instruments called "Boopers".

Team Omega is a welcome return that could not miss in this inauguration .The live will see the reduced formation of three elements, but expanded to the instrumentation used in concert: drums, bass, guitar, 2 synths, saxophone and percussion.

Leading the AMA event, namely the experimental project of Thomas Capes also based on handcrafted instruments.

The post-concert will be unveiled shortly.


American historian experimental group of passage in Italy will arrive in Space Plane to stage their own unique and inimitable artistic performance-collage.
The actual live performance of Negativland, entitled "Content", is involved with the group, the electronic musician and Wobbly "live cinema" visual artist Steev Hise, in creating a sonic-visual performance that reinvents and remixes chosen cut-ups of the past and present, meanwhile it voiced through the use of electronic tools craft noise parts by themselves designed created and called "Boopers", leaving the field to a strong dose of improvisation.
Since 1980 the band and performative San Francisco has created etchings, cd's, video art, books and live performances for radio and concerts through the use and appropriation of images, sounds, objects and texts.

Mixing materials and original music with products derived from mass culture, Negativland re-make do these fragments found in order to recreate and give new meaning to themselves, away from the original meanings for which they were created in a work of re- semantization anarchist and revolutionary.

In implementing this kind of cultural archeology by themselves called "culture jamming" they have suffered during their two lawsuits activities.

Over the years the "illegal" collage and the work built through the technique of "appropriation" audio-visual Negativland have touched and were confronted with different themes such as advertising, hoaxes and media language, religion, always-in-evolving art of collage, the bizarre trivialities of life of the suburbs, the anti-corporate activism in a cosmopolitan world dominated by the media, file sharing, issues related to intellectual property, quirky surrealism, the changing notions of art, property and the law of the digital age, and humorous and artistic comments on the mass media and mass culture.


After more than a year off, spent in the recording studio, returns to action on collective d 'improvisation psychedelic Team Omega. Well 3 new LP output last year "Lost Coast" (Boring Machine), "The Serpent in the Sky" (Holidays Records) and the double album "Other Eyes They watch us" (Sound of Cobra / Grinder Discs).
The Omega universe continues to expand by incorporating space rock, kosmische music, kraut motorik, progressive, free jazz and jazz rock. Each concert has its own life and becomes a unique journey into a cosmos sometimes friendly, sometimes severe, but still stubbornly guided by a map on which it is written: EXPAND THE CONSCIENCE, NUTRI YOUR THIRD EYE! Team Omega is a collective of musicians dedicated to the overall trial. From the base Outside Inside Studio of Montebelluna, Treviso, the jam band in robe and face-painting, equipped with sax, drums, percussion, bass, synth, and guitar, makes a seemingly endless path between psychedelia / avant-garde / krautrock.


AMA is the experimental project of Thomas Coats of improvisation using homemade instruments and unconventional looking for extreme atmospheres from the grind to free-jazz, alternating moments almost reflexive episodes to the terror-core limit.

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