29 Oct 2016 Hour 19:30

Midnight Scavengers

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Johanna Brockman, a former member of the Dirty Skirt Band of James McCann and The Brian Hooper Band (with whom he opened concerts of Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds in the tour of 2009) he met his musical partner Dimitri Kucharzewski (Nikki Sudden's Last Bandits, The Hollowmen) in Berlin in 2011, giving birth to what will be the core of Midnight Scavengers, a unique and challenging musical reality, divided between a violent beauty and left and volatile fragments of shyness.

After settling in Melbourne, Australia, in 2012, the band has evolved around this core, to become a quintet, with the entry of Jeff Hooker (The BrianHooper Band, Kim Salmon, The Darling Downs) on bass, Tim O'Shannassy (MJ Halloran, Paradise Motel, Penny Ikinger) on drums and Andrew Watson (the Man Who was not There, Charlie Marshall) on violin and guitar and below the band has earned fame and respect by playing alongside legendary names such as Spenser P Jones, Kim Salmon, Hugo Race, Ron S Peno, among others. With the participation of artists such as the virtuoso Antonio Gramentieri and Franccesco Valtieri of the Sacred Hearts, of the Midnight Scavengers record finally reaches its publication in September 2016, in cd + bonus tracks, cd digipack (feat. Autoluminescent Rowland S Howard, All the World is Green Tom Waits) and vinyl for Closer Records and will be presented on tour in September / October and the first days of December live in Europe, with new songs that will be part of the second album.

Spooky Rock, but not only ...

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