26 Nov 2016 Hour 20:30
Centro Sociale Rivolta

Marker PARTY 2016

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- Shocked alias ROC B
- Plant & Sunken
- Spot


As there will be many attractions every year:
- PHOTO BOOTH take a picture and print it yourself
- Punchballs venting your anger towards Justin Bieber or Tthe yachty
- FREE T-SHIRT PRINT bring us your t-shirt and up to 11 you print it for free with graphics made especially for the evening.
- PULLING BASKETBALL AND DRINK where you can groped the fate trying to make the basket after a shottino of premium vodka

THE most famous DJ in France, and in Europe, and continues to gain credibility and later on the world thanks to its collaboration with the ShadyVille DJ WHOO KID. He made his first appearance in movies, for example Hate (La Haine) Mathieu Kassovitz 1995.
Already old DJ / turntablist MC Solaar opened the show to the top of Hip Hop International as Method Man, Cypress Hill, Waren G, in addition to IAM in France
Today one of the most famous DJs in France and on the world stage thanks to the collaboration with the ShadyVille DJ WHOO KID (G-Unit) to which it belongs.
After making the whole rigmarole to DMC world championships, she has made its appearance in movies, for example HATRED (LA HAINE) that identified him as the darling of the French Banlieu and especially in Paris. He subsequently founded the label and DJ crew DOUBLE H .. Already old DJ / turntablist MC Solaar opened the show to the top of Hip Hop International as Method Man, Cypress Hill, and has collaborated with Smiff n Wessun, Blazhay Blazhay, dj Whoo Kid (G-Unit / Shadyville) as well as Cunnie Williams, Carl Thomas, Alfonso Hunter, Horace Brown ', and in France especially with the cult band IAMI. In his palmares Best Artist of the Year and Best Rap Album at the French
Grammy Awards, the platinum Hip Hop Soul Party Episode IV.

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Opening gates: 21:00
Ticket: € 5.00

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