15 Jan 2017 Hour 19:00
Spazio Aereo

Marco Bolfelli Trio / Stand Up Comedy / The opposite of an idea


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Power Acoustic Sunday

- 19:00 Opening Airspace
- 19:30 Hahaha! It presents: The opposite of an idea / Stand Up Comedy
- 21:30 Marco Bolfelli Trio
- Jam 23:00 hours

A thunderous event for the second Acoustic Power of the month: 21:30, Airspace will host the presentation of the appreciated six strings "Streamflow" guitarist Marco Bolfelli, accompanied by Simone Serafini on bass and Igor Checchini on drums; at the beginning, contrary ideas and antonyms of ideas, getaways are unconventional and intriguing realms in two different comedy shows: "Live In Ramengo" Chris and Righi, back from un'estrosa how ironic breaking Christmas Ice, The opposite of an idea .

Follow known overflowing jam, open to everyone that you can not open more.

Marco Bolfelli
Guitarist Marco Bolfelli presents songs from her debut disc of Streamflow, published in 2014, and other recent original compositions. The trio is made also by Simone Serafini on bass and Igor Checchini on drums.

"Streamflow" is the first album of the young guitarist Marco Bolfelli, published in December 2014 on the Birdland Sounds. Consists of eleven original tracks recorded with Simone Serafini on bass and Igor Checchini on drums, the album also sees the special participation of Klaus Gesing on bass clarinet and soprano saxophone on some tracks. "The debut album of this young Italian guitarist and student at Berklee College is a work of extraordinary impact and that gives great satisfaction" --- Roger Farbey, All About Jazz. "Streamflow is not just the start of a new career, it's a great start!" --- Robin Arends, Jazz Times.
"" Streamflow "is the truly rewarding listening experience because Bolfelli combines wide emotional range to the musical instincts of a mature musician" --- Budd Kopman, All About Jazz

Chris Righi in "Live in Ramengo"
Monologue of stand-up comedy Cris Righi. Italiot who has spent the last 20 years of his life chasing her brain, dissolute gap between gauchos Paduan, vongolari Madrid and matrioshke moskovite, to finally find him holed up in the distant and intriguing kingdom of Ramengo ...

written and performed by Graziano Hammer and Philip Fossa

What 'the opposite of an idea? A simple thought? A light bulb goes off? Reality'? A temporary lack of inspiration?

The opposite of an idea is a short music and theater show, a string of stories and images that come to life by a voice, accompanied only by a bass guitar.
Ranging from gag to poetry, from the surreal to the brilliant, tell the dog Poldo and his mistress, Firecracker tree or two-dimensional worlds.

Graziano Hammer lives in Padua, where he studies and plays jazz and performed as a bassist with numerous formations. He writes music, but at the same time put, brilliant stories, imaginative pieces.

Philip Fossa lives in Treviso, plays and writes for various theater companies including Veneto, Trentino and Tuscany.

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