20 Jan 2017 Hour 21:00
Spazio Aereo

Maracaigo # 2

Sixth Sense / Celo, Salacadula, G beat / Dj Mute

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Sixth Sense
Mike Celo / Salacadula / G Beat
dj Mute

Venice is beautiful but would not live there. Mestre is ugly but I have to live there. Marghera is even worse but at least there Airspace. De André said that from manure HIDE flowers. Bravo.
We say that the Venetian desolation was born hip hop of the future.
Maracaigo, New Space Plane format for the promotion of young local music, you assume the honor and honor to host some of the best talents of the Venetian rap. fresh rhymes for young minds. For young minds clouded city. No fog, yes to Maracaigo. A dazzling evening.

"Caigo sm [lat. caigum], ever. nebbion. infamous humidity situation that does not allow any recreational activity and causes severe depressive attacks: (1) Ou blackberries ghe xe mass caigo. (2) I'm caigo me ga ic **** i just broke. "

To overcome depression and to raise funds for research against caigo, Airspace presents: MARACAIGO, an evening that is a fog light in the depression of the winter haze.

Sixth Sense is a crew of Venice, composed of three peers guys Mestre and surroundings, class '97.
Is a collaboration of three mcees Vale-B and Mr. Fox, old friends, and Manesi, met at a jam in 2014. Thus was born Sixth Sense.
For a year now, the group has been engaged nell'autoproduzione a couple of EPs, including the debut Bacaro Tour, available from January 9. Sesto Senso also recently co-founded Drum House, an independent manufacturer, who took their name from their study and that will cure the next outbound work.

Venetian Trio with base of operations in the mainland that was created with the idea of ​​bringing back the classic hip hop culture modernises it with a fresh language and engaging.
The three have different productions between assets and official mixtape album, including Out of Control by the Salacadula and G Beat, and collaborations with other names of the local underground scene as 4 Rooms, Cough, Grappa and Kevin Bless.

DJ Mute
Master of turntablism and magician of the scratch. They do not need many words to announce our now historic resident DJ, also because, as its name suggests, the words prefers the facts.

Graphic Design: Valentina Andreozzi
Copywriting: Samuel Barbiero

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