04 Sep 2016 Hour 20:00
Al Vapore

The Jazz Veneto for Amatrice


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The Venetian jazz musicians on stage to help areas hit by the recent earthquake.

The appointment is Sunday, starting at 20, in a major venue for jazz in our region as Steamed Marghera (Venice), where they will perform the trio of pianist Marcello Tonolo and some musicians who gravitate around the Lydian Sound Orchestra conducted by Riccardo Brazzale and which constitute the quintet of the Department of Jazz Music of the Pedrollo Conservatory of Vicenza, but many other jazz artists, including Nicola Fazzini and Alessandro Fedrigo (who will handle the evening with Enrico Bettinello on behalf of Midj and I-Jazz, associations that bring together musicians and festival) could join for a great final jam.

Marcello Tonolo, among the most experienced pianists of our scene, will perform with Private Marco on bass and Henry Smiderle on drums. Even the musicians of the Lydian Sound Orchestra and the Pedrollo collect some of the most representative jazz musicians of the Northeast, by Paolo Birro Peter Tonolo, by Salvatore Maiore Michele Calgaro and Mauro Beggs.

The evening is part of a wider series of initiatives The Italian jazz amateur, with whom the Italian Jazz joins to reconstruct the Cinema Theatre "Giuseppe Garibaldi" of Amatrice, a symbol of the culture and the reconstruction of the social fabric of one of the centers historical destroyed by the earthquake.

On Sunday, September 4, in addition to the two big events with numerous concerts at the Casa del Jazz in Rome and in the square of the Basilica of Santa Maria di Collemaggio in L'Aquila, solidarity for the people and places affected you will find hospitality even in other Italian cities, from Milan and Turin to Naples, Novara, Parma, Catania, Courmayeur, Pisa, Cantalupo in Sabina (RI), Barga, Empoli, Fano, Lecce, Nuoro and St. Anna Arresi, Lampedusa and, of course, Venice.

A great musical solidarity day, with the presence of some of the most representative Italian musicians who will perform free of charge for the public and where there is a spontaneous contribution of solidarity.

It will also cooked a great pasta amatriciana (as also happens in other places of the initiative), a part of the proceeds will be donated for the reconstruction.

The initiative will be aimed in particular - with the special boxes in the room, to raise funds to rebuild the Cinema Theatre "Giuseppe Garibaldi" of Amatrice, the symbol of the culture and the reconstruction of the social fabric of one of the historic centers destroyed by the earthquake. The funds can also donate through the Crowdfunding Campaign Eppela 'A Theater for amateur'

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