11 Feb 2017 Hour 21:30
Spazio Aereo

HERE / Ultrakelvin / Ignorance Dj-set

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Here / ULTRAKELVIN_band / Ignorance Dj-set

discharges noisy and rough harmonies, irregular and low voltage noise: Airspace is pleased to announce a deeply underground evening with sullen sounds of Californians here and return to training dopata of Padua Ultrakelvin, for a noisy mix of sounds compressed in test tubes.

Afterwards, the evening continues with the dj-set of the collective ignorance!

Formed in Los Angeles in 2000 by drummer Paul Christensen and guitarist Matt Cronk, from the first performance in 2001 and the release of "Baby Kisses" on Heart of the Champion Here maintain a prodigious rate performance of local and national tours. Their idiosyncratic mixture of punk, and noise rock, dotted with bizarre avantgarde and mixed with an advanced musical prowess, are known for their intense shows and in many cases antagonistic. In 2006 they come to collaborate with David Yow, the global noise column with a past named Jesus Lizard and Scratch Acid which helps to compress the sound of the band in a tight and energetic post-punk agglomeration. Shortly thereafter, the trio released the single "Today, Gestation" b / w "Freeze" on Infrasonic. After a short spring tour, the band is involved by Ipecac Mike Patton and Greg Werckman for the second album "Love's Miracle", released in September 2007 and leading the band on tour through the US, Canada, UK and Europe. After the two historic shows at Spaceland in Los Angeles and all'Annie's Social Club in San Francisco, followed from the limited edition of "The Little Golden Blanket", in 2009 the band is invited to All Tomorrow's Parties in Minehead, England, where she performed with Devo, Sleep, Health and, for the first time in ten years, the Jesus Lizard. After a period devoted to parallel projects -the early return in the Jesus Lizard for Yow and Support and Paulene for Christensen-, in 2011 Cronk and Christensen resume playing together, taking up the activity in the original formation of Here. In 2012 returned to the studio with the sound engineer Toshi Kasai and the Melvins drummer Dale Crover for recording the third full-length "Life, Water, Living ...", published in 2014 and that by the heavy use of vocal harmonies and l ' include new facilities marks an evolution in sound compared to the first works of the band. In 2013 the split release "Awkward Human Interest," in which they collaborate with Secondmen Mike Watt.

ULTRAKELVIN is the new version of the Paduan dopata KELVIN, in business since 1999.
Punk, Noise, Hardcore, SuperRock, nowave? No, it's music spasticity of primitive workmanship, in a return that becomes obsessive launch of monolithic sound assaults are difficult to classify. From worship to ultraculto, besides Anna on drums and the guitar is now Woolter place in Panda enlarged formation (Ruckus, Huck, SDA) to voice and supertastiere. After KELVIN CD01 (2002), COMMA 2 (2003) and a split with JOHN WOO (2004), recorded in their garage, in 2005 out of SweetTeddy and Frame twice split cd KELVIN / WOOLTER. Also for SweetTeddy, in 2006 they released minicd 3 "" 8X8. "In 2010, create label, MACINA DISCS and churn out a split 10" Aluminium Series along with SPEEDY peons (2010). In 2011 is reprinted KELVIN CD01. They play with, among others: One Dimensional Man, Zu, Lucertulas, Red Worms'Farm, Chinese Star, Infranti, Kid Commando, The Hospitals, Fever Dream, Aghatocles, With Love, Champagne Kiss.

Artwork: Cristina Morandin
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