27 Jan 2017 Hour 21:00
Centro Culturale Candiani

Giovanni Guidi & Daniele Di Bonaventura

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There is the best Umbria-Marche synergy in this newly formed duo, they created Giovanni Guidi, pianist launched a decade ago by Enrico Rava and also the protagonist of a popular duo with trombonist Gianluca Petrella, and Daniele Di Bonaventura. Bandoneon player of great sensitivity (but it sounds on other occasions also the piano), Bonaventure active in different fromazioni, including the proven and popular duo with trumpeter Paolo Fresu. With Guidi and Di Bonaventura meet generations and different musical backgrounds, united by a lively melodic fantasy and a refined taste, but also by a strong aptitude for composition and arrangement. Both had an impact, not only as Rava and Fresu partner, but also as a leader for ECM of Manfred Eicher, the label that for at least thirty years is at the top of the jazz world. From their dialogue comes a lyrical music and at the same time restless, cantabile yet unpredictable, can never fall into the trap of easy sentimentality, knowing take suggestions not only from jazz, but from tango, blues, from minimalism and ethnic music , especially that coming from the Mediterranean basin. With the ability to continually get involved, with a relaxed attitude but inflexible, the two musicians will lay bare in front of the listener, and at the heart of their project the emotions and true feelings, not the way attitudes nor the only facade.

Daniele Di Bonaventura (Fermo, 1966) has really experienced the music in the round, from classical (graduated in composition and conducting) to jazz, from contemporary to tango and world music. She has partnered with all the most important Italian jazz musicians, including Paolo Fresu and many stars of international jazz, Omar Sosa to Miroslav Vitous, David Murray to Dino Saluzzi. Numerous his forays into the field of dance, film, theater and literature. He has composed and recorded a Requiem for bandoneon and orchestra, but also a Suite for bandoneon and string quartet (Sine nomine).

Giovanni Guidi (Foligno, 1985), after the first steps taken in groups of Enrico Rava, has for the past few years a mature leader and affirmed. Gave birth, especially after winning collaboration with Petrella, personal projects always very interesting and diverse, ranging from only several duets, from trio to quartet or the large staff of the Unknown Rebel Band. E 'was critically acclaimed his latest work, Ida Lupino (ECM), album that sees him accompanied not only by his trombone, two prestigious international guests: Louis Sclavis and Gerald Cleaver.

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Auditorium fourth floor

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