18 Nov 2016 Hour 20:00

Diego Palace

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DIEGO PALACE (Presentation first solo album "First")
electronic pop

(Milan, The Blue Discs)

Among the excellence of Baustelle and the gradual growth of Egokid, Diego Palace has found the space to create a personal songwriting project, built in perfect solitude, except for the presence of James Carlone (own drummer in Egokid), which as producer took care of all the sounds of this debut, which takes no coincidence that the thiol of "First".
Banned lustful arrangements and choruses too easy to hold, the Palace [...] it gives birth to nine tracks of modern songwriting and placed on electronic treadmills oriented synth-pop.

It is a bit 'the path that is uniting many (more or less) young songwriter of our home (just think of Cosmo), attracted by the excellent results obtained by many big names on the international circuit.
But Palazzo more you play the card of a maturity gained in the field is not a spring chicken musician, and this is reflected on a writing course not meant to impress on post-adolescents.

We talked about Baustelle, in which Diego for years has been fixed presence on stage and in the studio (it was in the "Phantom" credits), we talked about Egokid, where he is co-leader along with Piergiorgio Pardo, here signing the only piece in cohabitation "Distant".
Alone Diego turn the page and, while preserving (unwittingly?) Breakers DNA oozing baustellismo, focuses on the bass playing and pumped out a stream of words that sometimes focus on a few repeated phrases ( "I'm not afraid") and other times used to do a story to tell.

The end result reaches its target, that is, produce a record that unites songwriting and electronics through songs taken not difficult, however, by focusing more on the dark ( "In camera", "A World Without End") that the light (the single " how are you "), and at the heart of the scene introspection and the absolute absence of guitars.
The facilities are simple and linear, the essential approach, the references are placed in a hypothetical crossroads of Bianconi, Battiato and Berlin electro scene. It's just a first experiment, but we are sure it is the first step in a new beautiful musical adventure. "

Claudio Lancia, OndaRock, 18/05/2016

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