22 Jan 2017 Hour 21:00
Ai Biliardi

Cinaski: "Let beautiful"

floor Gerardo Balestrieri

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Vincenzo Costantino, known as Cinaski, nickname due to a teenage heritage since 1980, was born in Milan in 1964. He attended his schooling until the scientific maturity and simultaneously attended the Milanese suburbs worlds, cultivating its strengths and weaknesses. She enrolled in the University of Milan in the faculty of foreign languages ​​and literature and then abandon it after three years of bad attendance. Among the many works Constantine includes collaborations with some underground newspapers of literature, a brief experience as a journalist for a newspaper Southern Milan (Eco) and hundreds of nights to question.
In 1994 there is the human and literary meeting with Vinicio Capossela from which will be born a friendship lasting and sincere which will result in a reading / tribute to John Fante / (Accaniti in 'acolyte) and later in a book co-written with Capossela published by Feltrinelli in 2009: iN CLANDESTINITA'- Mr. Pall Mall meets Mr. and hundreds of nights to question.

After the experience of an underground and philanthropic publication of Luciano Murelli in 2000, a poetry collection that collects quite successful underground in 2010 by Marcos y Marcos publishes its first official collection of poems titled WHO IS 'WITHOUT SIN HAS A DICK SHARE, which collected a great success of the special character of Cinaski sales and confirmations.
Vincenzo Costantino so loves to read and write as much as numerous are its performance to music readings around Italy with the complicity of several fellow trip starting at the same Capossela, then Folco Orselli (cant-outsider eternal friend) and finally the accomplice brother, as well as artistic producer of the next album Francesco Arcuri.

After animated to five years (2001/2006) night of Monday Milanesi with the gang of Caravanserai, experience of interaction of arts and crafts, begins a long live recitals activities in the most diverse places in the country bringing stories, poems to 'teaches the potability and sharing. The poetry of music so enters dressed in bars, taverns and even in the brave theaters, wherever there are ears and eyes untouched by the distraction.

Continue this path, this poetic wanderings, also passed by the Milan Triennale in November of 2011, cultivating friendships and growing number esteem that make you not to give up and to continue to read and write, as one of his greatest admirers says and friend overseas, Dan Fante (son of John): "Vincenzo you are my favorite Italian poet, keep writing, do not stop, keep writing ... you are a gift."
And as a continuous Vincenzo gift, waiting to be "discarded", to bring poetry to the most hidden places of the country, where poetry is hiding and goes unearthed.
In November of 2012 he released his first disc of poems set to music or recite songs, self-produced with the complicity of Gibraltar and the artistic production of Francesco Arcuri.

"Pele scored over a thousand goals.
This year will be twenty years around telling stories.
It came out my new book BORN TO ALLOW MISSED, which follows WHO IS WITHOUT SIN HAS A DICK TO TELL. I made more than a thousand readings, a DISC (SMOKE), written songs for others, for me, made films, sold more than 30,000 copies of books, theater, sang, wrote newspaper articles, radio, outdoor lunch and slept in Closed.
I do not know what else to do but to tell you that I prefer Maradona and I still want to play, sing and tell stories.
I'm here.
See you soon."

Vincenzo Costantino Cinaski: voice
Gerardo Balestrieri: piano


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