25 Nov 2016 Hour 20:30
Centro Culturale Kolbe

Bounty Singers


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The "Bounty Singers" are a small vocal group that is dedicated to music playback harmonized exclusively "a cappella", ie without any instrumental accompaniment.
His repertoire is not limited to a specific genre or a specific musical tradition but is conceived open to varied experiences as possible, in the continuing search for new and stimulating experiences for the public.
The heart of the repertoire consists of songs from various genres of music, which can be grouped together under the generic definition of light-pop, although in very different realities between them, such as rock, Latin music, part of ' jazz universe and much more. It is a repertoire consisting of songs of great success revisited and re-harmonized to vocal groups, which as a whole is given mainly between the 30s and the end of '900.
Alongside these experiences Bounty Singers does not leave out some "leakage" in the past "classic" and, of course, the Christmas tradition. But always with a spirit of inquiry of a value repertoire generally poorly attended by the chorus and with a stylistic approach of "modern" or "light" or in a "jazz", in the wake of a noble tradition whose most relevant examples, internationally, are large groups such as King's Singers, Swingle Singers, Manhattan Transfer and others.

Barbershop - pop genre and sacred


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