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Ardecore is the extraordinary project brainchild of singer-songwriter folk blues GIAMPAOLO HAPPY. A laboratory booming since 2005, the year of dazzling debut self-titled, ground music, kilometers and acclaim. It 'a changing musical creature as needed, within which coexist in harmony many musicians from different backgrounds, all united by an extraordinary creativity.

The group has recorded four albums:

Ardecore (the so-called manifesto - 2005) was born from the love for the popular roots of Roman culture, the ability to put heart and soul in this music relocate in a broader context than that in which it was relegated last glimpse of history. The peculiarities of its structure in the arrangements, as in the lyrics, make it unique, and the need to give new visibility is the spark that has "reignited the heart" to the sounds and stories of Rome.
CHIMERA (the so-called manifesto 2007) is the next evolutionary step, with an even broader workforce. An extraordinary original writing test and personal and unparalleled arrangement, in our country, for what concerns the reinterpretation and actualization of the Roman tradition. The production and writing of Giampaolo Felici work alongside the collaboration of Luca Venitucci (his arrangements of strings and woodwinds sections).
The album won the Targa Tenco 2007 as the best first.
Their originality brings them in 2008 to participate in a special production of the National Prize City of Loano for traditional Italian music: "Luigi Tenco and Popular Song." Ardecore is entrusted to the music and rewriting the orchestration of the production with the guests Faraualla, Elena Ledda, Antonella Ruggiero and Peppe Voltarelli.
In 2009, participating in the compilation "Luigi Tenco, the unpublished" published by the label Alabianca in collaboration with the Club Tenco.
SAN CADOCO (Sol / Goodfellas 2010) is the third installment of the group who recovered the themes of Italian musical tradition starting with the Roman dialect and the first Italian engravings pre-war, expanding them with his own compositions from these roots that have grown up to undertake a highly original location.
The disc was welcomed as well as previous grade with critical acclaim and has been reviewed by all the specialized monthly and by many national newspapers such as the Republic, L'Espresso, Friday, The International, the Sette of Corriere della Sera. In addition, Ardecore were guests of many broadcasts of Radio Rai 2, Rai Radio 3, Radio Popolare Network also on TV; Mizar and TG TG 2 1 Special "Sounds of Rome."
2015 marks the return of Ardecore with "OLD ROME", a work that returns them completely to the cultural roots of the beginning, ten years after the first eponymous "Ardecore." Seven songs fished almost entirely of Roman pre-war tradition, deeply reinterpreted, this time in a more spiritual direction, with a style that seems to be inspired by the Gospel of the '50s and' 60s, but without straying from the typical sounds of the group.
The staff of Ardecore has since its inception in motion, as the creativity that has accompanied the artistic evolution. Through the grooves of the previous albums, as well as on concert stages, they have come and gone over the years many of the characters; by American guitarist GEOFF FARINA (former leader of Karate), present as a guest on all the CDs, the virtuoso pianist and arranger LUCA Venitucci, percussionist VALERIO BORGIANELLI, guitarist MANLIO Maresca, the members of ZU (MAXIMUM PUPILLO, LUCA MAI, JACOPO BATTLE), the singer SARAH DIETRICH, drummer GIULIO Caneponi, pianist RICCARDO DEL MONACO.

2005 - Ardecore (the so-called manifesto)
2007 - Chimera (the so-called manifesto) Targa Tenco 2007 Best First Film
2010 - SAN CADOCO (Sol / Goodfellas)
2015 - OLD ROME (Sol / Goodfellas)


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