08 Jan 2017 Hour 19:00
Spazio Aereo

Alessia Obino "A Sound Shapes's a Million" / Super Ginger! / Jam


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Power Acoustic Sunday

- 19:00 Opening Airspace
- 19:30 SuperGinger! Entertainment punk-clown
- 21:30 Alessia Obino "A Sound's a million shapes"
- 2 hours 3:00 Jam

There is a Power Acoustic Sunday before Alessia Obino, and a different one, and richer after.
For this reason, Alessia back at 21.30 with his most visionary project and scratchy "A sound's a Million Shapes", made of encounters and influences with rock and experimentation, and with special guest appearances by percussionist Danilo Mineo.

But the opening of this Sunday is the banner of the purest madness Stivalaccio Theatre presents an unpredictable punk-clown performance, written and played by Anna De Franceschi.

23.00 deborderà the Power Acoustic Jam, then off to the jazz musicians and improvisers of all species and the planet.

Alessia Obino, voice, effects
Giancarlo Bianchetti, guitar
Rosa Brunello, electric bass
Marco Frattini, battery
Danilo Mineo, percussion

In this project, the singer Alessia Obino music is inspired by the compositions of some representative figures of jazz and soul music of the '70s.
Bobby Hutcherson Stanley Clarke, Andy Bey Steve Kuhn, from Dough Hammond to Stylistics through Egberto Gismonti.
The reinterpretation of famous pieces are mixed original compositions by visionary flavor where jazz, free improvisation, rock and soul trespass into each other to return a diverse and sincere sound that is the signature style of the group.

Super Ginger!
Production: StivalaccioTeatro - Year: 2016
E With: Anna De Franceschi
Consulting Musical: Simone Chivilò - Scene: Giorgio Benotto - Items: Alberto Nonnato
Director: DuoDorant

Super Ginger! An acclaimed performer of variety, top-notch entertainment.
Thus master of the stage, so helpless far from it, in private life that normally hides the eyes of fans.
Life and adventures of a small great heroine who never gives up.
Warning: punk-clown Entertainment. Coming straight to the heart, it could easily involve all. Living the warnings.

Production: Cultural Association Airspace

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Admission with Arci card - Contribution charge 7 €, students and Jammisti around 5 euro

If you still have the card Arci, please fill out the pre-accession form at this link: https://portale.arci.it/preadesione/spazioaereo/

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