From 09 Sep 2016 to 02 Oct 2016
Bonnet Van Der Sluis Gallery

Pigments and Curves

From Abstract Sculpture to Female Photography



Bonnet Van Der Sluis Art Gallery is very pleased to present its new double show entitled Pigments and Curves From Abstract Sculpture to Female Photography, that includes works by these two international artists: Eric Ceccarini and I Made Gede Putra. This exhibition will run from September 9th to October, the 2nd 2016.

Pigments and Curves is an exhibition that wants to build a dialogue at a distance amongst two different countries of the world: Belgium and Indonesia, by creating a bridge between East and West through the visual impact of powerful abstractism.

Eric Ceccarini is an international photographer that has been working for the fashion industry and the advertising companies since the 1990’s. He has been collaborating with the top houses all around the world, such as Chopard, Elle, Marie-Claire, L’Oréal, Levi’s, Coca Cola, Virgin, Saab, Delvaux, Lowe Lintas and Ogilvy.
The photographies in the gallery are part of The Painters Project, an ongoing series that consists of a collaboration between Eric Ceccarini, various painters and different models. Therefore, every photography is unique and shows a specific, abstract, pictorial style. Eric Ceccarini has invited more than 100 painters to work on the project, and to make the models’ bodies becoming a new, lively, canvas.
The lines of the naked skin have influenced the movements of the strokes. The artworks symbolize the result of the two artistic visions that are coming out from the two-way creative process.

I Made Gede Putra is an emergent artist, part of the G-Five group, who comes from Bali, Indonesia. The group has graduated from the Indonesian Art Institute in Jakarta and is composed by: I Made Gede Putra, Wayan Upadana, Wayan Legianta, Kadek Ardika, and Made Wiguna Valasara. He has been showing his work in either group exhibitions or solo shows in Eastern Asia. This is the first time that his work is presented in Italy.
I Made Gede Putra is an artist that works with different mediums, such as wood, foam and stones, exploring the blending between them. He uses powerful and precious colours, creating abstract forms and shapes that recalls natural elements.

References and echos are made through the combination between a photography and a sculpture that present the same features from the visual point of view. Abstract lines and colours are those ones that characterise both the type of painting within Ceccarini’s models and the sculptures by I Made Gede Putra. Therefore, the decoration of the bodies recalls the type of abstractism developed by the indonesian artist.

The Bonnet Van der Sluis Gallery is a contemporary art gallery founded by Mrs. Immechien Bonnet and Mrs. Susanna van der Sluis. They are showcasing a variety of original art works in the field of photography, sculpture, painting and mixed media. The gallery is a dynamic mix of young and emerging artists in conjunction with the known and established names in the international art world.

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Opening: Friday, September 9th, 6.00-8.00 pm.

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