From 28 May 2016 to 27 Nov 2016
Fondazione Querini Stampalia

Revitalisation by Reconciliation

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Strategies for the transformation of cross-border regions: Revitalisation by Reconciliation is more than an exhibition.
It 'a platform for knowledge sharing, a laboratory for strategic interventions based on an integrated approach to urban development, social cohesion and a renewed civic participation.
The exhibition invites the public to explore a new vision of European Regions through the territorial cohesion among the fragmented strata, the historical roots and their fusion into a meaningful unity revitalized.
In this sense, the Querini Stampalia Foundation proposes as a symbol: as well as the architecture of Scarpa has reworked the existing space, Revitalisation by Reconciliation composes similarly territories.

The curator Jo Coenen believes that "Reporting from the Front" is the stage appropriate to examine how Parkstad, a former mining area in the border region between the Netherlands, Germany and Belgium, tries to cope with the multiple effects caused by growing abandonment by residents, the aging population, the transformation of energy sources and democracy of space.
The initiative is part of a contribution made to the European Week of Regions and Cities in Brussels promoted, precisely at a time when the European Commission is trying efficient models of urban development.
Existing cross-border projects in the Netherlands are presented in the exhibition with the support of a historical review of the phenomenon IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung).

The IBA approach to economic development, social and cultural development of cities and regions will be presented for the first time as part of the International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale. Round tables and conferences will offer a contribution to the debate, starting with significant experience of IBA and Parkstad other IBAs, considering their regional cross-border impact. Explore new ways to address the need for greater democracy in the design, urban transformation in Europe, sustainability and the potential of cross-border cooperation. Experts, politicians, stakeholders and students of architecture from all over Europe will participate in the discussion.


Revitalisation by Reconciliation is more than an exhibition. It is a platform / meeting point in the heart of Venice for international exchanges, workshops, and documentation, connected to different regions in Europe. It invites politicians, intellectuals, stakeholders, students to explore how spatial design could be a weapon to fight the multiple fronts determined by vacancy, living and health care, leisure and employment, mobility, energy transition, spatial democracy, crossing national borders? Beyond a collection of operational knowledge, it processes it as a laboratory for strategic intervention, to a method for design a new urban fluidity, Social Cohesion and Renewed civic pride.

Curator Joe Coenen considers That, in the Architecture Biennale 2016, reporting from the front is the right way to discuss how to shrinking and fragmented former mining Region in the Netherlands tries to reconcile the different components urban and Creates a meaningful context. IBA Parkstad in the Netherlands is based on an IBA method (Internationale Bau Ausstellung) where it originated as an exhibition for modern architecture. It is experimenting for the first time outside of Germany, a powerful creative model That Provides a significant impetus with Regions aiming at transition or transformation, and cross border potential.

From historical models to immersive and interactive installation in the Spaces Carlo Scarpa at the Querini Stampalia, visitors will be embarked into a process. Roundtables workshops and conferences with renowned speakers will focus on relevant experiences and cross-border regional strategies. They will explore new ways to address the urgent need of democracy in spatial design, urban transformation in Europe, sustainability, and the potential of cross-border cooperation. Revitalisation by Reconciliation, a collaboration between IBA Parkstad and the other IBAs in Europe, will result in a final Conclusions presented to Numerous experts, policy makers and stakeholders in Brussels at this moment That European Community is eager to set-up an efficient model of European urban development .

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