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Luke Salvagno Comics

They are the same age comics and cinema. The first - thanks to a mischievous boy, Yellow kid-appeared in the Sunday color centerfold of the New York Journal publisher Pulitzer as of May 5, 1895. The thirty-second persuaded viewers to get down in a basement in the center of Paris on Saturday 28 December of the same year: he entered for the first time in action the Cinematograph Lumière. From that moment the two languages chase and connect regularly with an exchange of characters that find the maximum of appreciation when the cinema has learned to create, with the cartoon, drawn to heroes.

But the comic, related to the illustration, it also helped to tell the story. Here we Enzo Biagi was to choose him to disseminate the history of Italy and the world. And Luke Salvagno (Chioggia 1962) after Art School and the Academy of Fine arts, making his debut in the narrative designed in 1988, has had time to work together to updates of those publications. Working systematically for THE MESSENGER BOYS and THE NEWSPAPER: "passing -as him- says quietly humorous stories to adventure stories." It is dedicated in particular to the youth biographies of famous people, like St. Francis, Joan of Arc, Walt Disney, Charlie Chaplin, Stan Lauren and Oliver Hardy. These last three are particularly close to the purposes of FACTORY OF SEEING.

Thus, from November 5 to December 6 CINEMA PAPER -FUMETTI LUCA SALVAGNO, or the onset of comedians circumstances that underlie the history of cinema (LITTLE BIG MEN, THE ODD COUPLE), will be visible on Calle del Forno 3857 , from 17 to 19 (closed on Tuesdays). The eight original drawings (machines), together with preparatory sketches (pencils) and the instructions for their coloration. And yet the covers of magazines. In short, all the materials that a cartoonist should be able to manage to meet his readers. With the added value of speaking cinema .. Luca Salvagno is a professor of art at the Art School "A. Corradini "of Este. PAPER CINEMA is dedicated to Piero Zanotto (and wife Rossana) avid scholar and popularizer of comics and cinema.

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