From 11 Dec 2016 to 11 Jan 2017


solo show by Donatella Bartoli


Solo show by Donatella Bartoli
by presenting Roberta Gubitosi

The water gurgles, runs, drags in eddies, whirls form: we are at the mouths of the river Timavo watching seems that sometimes the water to subside and stop, but at a closer look you notice that, on the contrary, actually a primordial force that man can not fully understand either, nor narrow. This place is magical and is loaded with a primordial energy potential that even the most casual observer can not be ignored, this place has inspired my "Origins" framework from which then resulted in the entire exhibition in Venice.

In this land where freshwater rivers draws mazes and labyrinths between the sand and the lagoon began right here, between Grado and Aquileia, the adventure that has become the city of Venice. The golden arabesque of this ancient city bridge between the Latin and Eastern culture, part of this strip of land lapped by the sea.
The citizens of Aquileia fleeing the barbarian invasions and take refuge at first in Grado and then begin, with the inhabitants of other lagoon towns, to build bridges between the edges of the earth islands, palaces and churches.
It is a sacred project of civilization, beauty and faith. The Adriatic Sea is the wealth of Venice and from it she has her origin and life, but the sea is also danger when the Bora rages throwing towards Istria and Dalmatia to the Venetian boats is not always possible to find salvation, who knows how many ships still conceal their submerged goods buried by the deep waters of the Kvarner. It's not just the power of the elements unleashed to worry about the crews but also the Uskok pirates or the Turks. While these may be some serious antagonists merchants who sail under the flag of the winged lion. And here between the coasts tick modest churches, sometimes alone chapels, arose from popular piety of those who saved himself from the fury of nature or from men is able to return to embrace their women and their children. From these considerations comes the picture: "From the sea life and the danger" and also the representative of the town Veli and the other painting of Kamenjak Cape, a point that appears to be a bulwark crossed a narrow escape.
It continues the journey to the finish of a Greek island, you load and unload the goods, is born my "sea Nostalgia" after the waves of the Adriatic island ionia gives the comfort of a well-deserved break from the naval efforts. The "sea longing" strikes soon the whole crew, last hub to the captain, then returns towards its shores, it's back to the origin of its path, the "Laguna Madre" in fact, the title of one of my works pictorial display in this exhibition. It sails among the sandy islets careful not to run aground, this is the ultimate danger and we must not underestimate him, after that storm, the Bora and pirates, among them dry you can lose all the goods and the ship. Among these islands sprout birds to brighten the mood like in my "Laguna with herons" but the goal of the entire crew is back in the city where: "Clouds meet the sea" because: "The Venice Air" is different from that of other cities is an air full of smells, not always pleasant, known as the Venetians say: "de freschin" pure love that too, that sense of peace that dream and caresses every wanderer and love.
Finally safe and sound a prayer, a candle, a votive in: "Churches of Venice" to thank for having done safely a path so uncertain and dangerous.

Venice, its millennial empire, its sweet and lilting language, my "Origins" my ancestors, my grandparents and my parents Istrian Piran and Novigrad were living under the protection of the winged lion that united the people and in common in a culture of living together. Everything was upset by modernity, people driven from their homelands, and threaten the lagoon is about Marghera with its poisons or the gigantic cruise ships. This my exhibition is a journey that will take visitors to the water, the sea, the coast, the adventure of discovering what each one actually its "Origins."

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