25 Nov 2016 Hour 17:30

"HUMANS" Three underwear (new) for a picture


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Three pants (new) for a picture

Presentation of the project by Luca Daniel and collecting underwear (new)
for Extreme Reception Centre of Roccella Jonica (Calabria

"Humans is a photographic project that spans a period of 14 years, from 2002 to 2016. He was born to be a question, 'where does this people?', And by a meeting on the street.

Every night on the streets of Rosarno, a town of Piana di Gioia Tauro, you can meet hundreds of people of color within the camps and in the period of the orange harvest, the number grows, hundreds became thousands. Cleared up the mystery: after following the laborers in their return, be entered in their 'homes', shared their time and hopes, is not nothing but put the question the other way, "where did all these people?". The answer, at first you find her lying next to a beach on the opposite coast, on a wooden boat, often a wreck, one of many that are no longer news even in a country of the province of a region of the province. So the boats become part of the landscape, are integrated - their yes - the Calabrian territory and they do it so well that it does not bother them, they are there as ghosts, including their loading.

What you thought was an episode that soon would end, it becomes instead a continuous and steady stream, a real exodus. And there are not just economic migrants, there are refugees, now there are those who run away from the war, now it is another story. And so, they become illegal migrants migrants and refugees, and this destabilizes. The inability to react in an organic and uniquely creates panic in Europe, torn between feelings of solidarity and defense of supranational rights, atavistic fears and latent racism.

Migrants have made us raise our politically correct mask and causing us yet another last question: 'Who are we?'. "


- Underpants Collection (new) in exchange for photographic prints

- Presentation of the photographic project "Humans" by Luca Daniele

- Projection of the work "Portrait of the Other Locride" Federico Sutera (photographer) and Maria Fiano (writer / researcher) that includes some shots taken in the Extreme Reception Centre of Roccella Jonica

How to contribute:

- 1 pant = 1 print 20 × 30 frameless

- 3 drawers = 1 print 20 × 30 with a frame or 1 print 30 × 40 frameless

- 3 + underpants contribution 5 € 1 print 30 × 40 with frame

- EUR 45 for the 40 × 50 prints framed (the proceeds will go to cover the production costs of the show and the logistics of the photographer)

L 'underwear will be allocated to women, children and men accommodated in the Extreme Reception Centre of Roccella Jonica (Calabria). The Centre is currently run by the volunteers of civil defense "Aniello Ursino"

Luca Daniel was born in Roccella Jonica in 1972, city where he currently lives and works. He starts at 15 years his experience in the world of photography as a study and assistant ceremony. He cultivates his passion by himself and in the 90s he began his experience in the world of stage and on stage with particular reference to the world of jazz photography. It follows the training workshops with photographers Pino Ninfa, Silvia Lelli and Roberto Masotti. He works for several magazines (Jazz and Jazzit). Studies in political science and master classes at the Agency Contrast the approach to reportage. After a brief spell abroad, he returned to Calabria and from 2002 began to collaborate with some national and international events as a freelance. Lately he moved his interests to the portrait and social reportage.


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