From 14 Jun 2016 to 30 Sep 2016
IUAV Tolentini

Carlo Scarpa after Carlo Scarpa

Two exhibitions at Tolentini



Iuav University of Venice, in the year of celebrations for her 90th birthday, reminds Carlo Scarpa with two exhibitions taking place at the Tolentini, the historical site of the University:

  1. Carlo Scarpa, a Iuav master projects and teaching, edited by Serena Maffioletti
  2. Guido Guidi. Investigation into the Brion tomb, edited by Mariano Andreani

Simply cross the threshold of the Tolentini to grasp the importance of the relationship between a school and one of his most important masters, who was also director. The first clear evidence of a copyright modernity, for those entering in the lagoon city, is just the door designed by Scarpa for the Venice University. Photographed daily by tourists from all over the world, it is the symbol of our school.

The tribute to Carlo Scarpa is then spread across the former convent of Tolentini and is divided into two exhibitions. The first is set in the rectory Gallery, the new exhibition space desired by the rector Alberto Ferlenga. Here you will be presented, edited by Serena Maffioletti, published and unpublished testimonies of the vast activities of shoe relationship with Iuav: sketches, drawings, reproductions, photographs relating to Tolentini, at Ca 'Tron, the Masieri building and in San Sebastian, testimony a heavily braided design activity with that of a teacher.

Magna pm in the hand is presented, edited by Mariano Andreani, the work dedicated by Guido Guidi at what is perhaps the most well-known project of shoe: the Brion tomb. In this case the Guidi photographic sequences follow the continuous change of Scarpa's project under the influence of light, resulting in a very special dialogue between masters.

During the exhibition will be able to visit the building Masieri, extraordinary work and less-known shoe, the Masieri family has lent the University Iuav of Venice. For this building, also the subject of a project by Frank Lloyd Wright, Iuav is planning the arrangement to make the guest quarters - a meeting place for foreign and Italian students - that is the legacy of Masieri family.


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