From 19 Dec 2016 to 30 Jan 2017
Istituto Romeno di Venezia

Aqua Day / Night Aqua

exhibition of paintings by Claudia Mandi


"Aqua Day / Night Aqua", exhibition of Claudia Mandi painting at the Little Gallery Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research in Venice

The project "Day of Water / Water Night" expands the series of visual elements on which initiated its artistic career Claudia Mandi during the stage already achieved at the Academy of Romania in Rome.

The tradition of representations of the elements dates back to the Renaissance allegory with water, fire and earth. In addition to its physical size, the WATER has a plurality of symbolic values, philosophical, profound that they awakened a real interest in the artist. For both the "Poetics of Water" is the theme of the project of the bag "Nicolae Iorga" in Venice, a visual search that ranks among ancient and baroque charm, in a unique environment: Italy.
The water, which reflective surface, enlarges the image of the city, palaces, architecture, doubles the optical impact. Claudia Mandi understands the dual nature of the city in the change day / night. If by day the city is dynamic, alive, colorful and bright, at night it turns into a gloomy city, in a mysterious entity whose essence eludes the senses.

Claudia Mandi received his master's degree in 1997 at the Faculty of Design and Fine Arts of the University of West Timisoara, specialization painting. In 2004-2006 he received his master "Sources and resources of the image in contemporary painting" at the same University. In the period 2011 he received his second specialization in Art History and Theory at the University of West of Timisoara with the Thesis "The spatial illusionism of Roman Baroque ceilings". In the period 2012-2014 he got the scholarship "Vasile Pârvan" at the Accademia di Romania in Rome.

Since 2006 he works as a curator at the Museum of Art before Timisoara and then to the Museum of Art in Craiova. He is currently Fellow "Nicolae Iorga" at the Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research of Venice. Over the years he has organized 21 solo exhibitions and participated in numerous international meetings (Italy, France, Egypt, Hungary, Romania). Among the most important exhibitions: Theatre of Marcellus, Rome (2015); Romanian Academy in Rome (2014); Ethnographic Museum Palau - Sardinia (2010); The Money (Financial Newspaper), Naples (2010); Marani Gallery, Rome (2007); Art Gallery Creuse, Gueret - France (1999) and since 1998 Claudia Mandi is part of the Artists Union from Romania since 2006 and is a member of ICOM (International Council of Museums).

The exhibition organized by the Romanian Cultural and Humanistic Research of Venice.

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