From 17 Apr 2016 to 20 Nov 2016
Punta della Dogana




From Sunday, April 17 to Sunday, November 20, 2016 Punta della Dogana presents "Accrochage", a group exhibition curated by Caroline Bourgeois.

"Accrochage" collects approximately seventy works exhibited ever since I joined the Pinault Collection. Over two-thirds of the artists are presented for the first time in an exhibition of the collection. Designed specifically for Punta della Dogana, "Accrochage" will occupy the entire exhibition space of the museum.

To develop this project, the curator chose to follow certain guidelines, such as rules of a game, instead of focusing on a theme, a period or an artistic movement. As explained by Caroline Bourgeois, "I wanted to select for the most significant groups of works that are the result of a gesture or a minimal thought and evoking an empty search or a mise en abyme of an aspect or moment in the history of 'art. [...] Although very different, these works are united by a simplicity, an opening that somehow dilates the other's space, the observer. With "Accrochage" I wanted to encourage precisely this freedom. The title of the exhibition, neutral, generic, almost aloof, first leaves the works space, merely suggest: look. The works, for their part, encourage the viewer to question what he has before his eyes, inviting him to watch instead of seeing, and create a space where the emotion and sensitivity are as important as the visual perception and thought ".

The title "Accrochage" reflects the decision to present a selection of works from the Pinault Collection, including contemporary artists recognized and emerging talent, without imposing a point of view. The visitor is invited to interpret each work in their own way, discovering along the exhibition halls, the cross-references between the works.

The exhibition presents the work of thirty artists, twenty of which are present for the first time in an exhibition of the Pinault Collection - Absalon, Nina Canell, Tacita Dean, Peter Dreher, Fernanda Gomes, On Kawara, Edward Krasiński, Guillaume Leblon, Sol LeWitt Bernd Lohaus, Goshka Macuga, Fabio Mauri, Prabhavathi Meppayil, Michel Parmentier, Florian Pumhösl, Tino Sehgal, Haim Steinbach, Niele Toroni, Günther Uecker, Dewain Valentine, Cerith Wyn Evans - while nine are historical artists of the collection - Pier Paolo Calzolari, Pierre Huyghe, Louise Lawler, Jean-Luc Moulène, Henrik Olesen, Philippe Parreno, Charles Ray, Thomas Schütte and Franz West.

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  • € 15 Reduced two museums (Punta della Dogana + Palazzo Grassi)

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