20 Oct 2016 Hour 18:00
Biblioteca Civica di Mestre Villa Erizzo | VEZ

"Yellow Peril" Fulvio ERVAS


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Happy Galatioto meets Fulvio Ervas, author of "Yellow Peril".

Readings by Susanna Sparaco, musical interventions by Alessandro Zanetti and Daniel Pirozzi.
Event, in collaboration with Cooperativa Sociale Gea, within the Mesthriller festival.


Not only massages, offering Chinese massage centers of Treviso: know passersby, know customers, he knows the police. To close them, though, someone has to collect evidence, and that someone is the Stucky inspector. Pointed Toe, unexpected behavior, often visits Lian, Mei Xue. He scoops pictures, movies, names. It is a task not quite ungrateful, slow and patient. Far from the fury of the street, where an Audi yellow sowing panic to three hundred per hour. Stolen Malpensa airport, goes crazy on the roads in the Northeast, mysterious and elusive. Disappears and reappears, flying and gazelles insult, uncovers ghosts of an industrious earth and angry. It is a now defenseless earth, a yellow fireball can cross at will? It has become a land of conquest? Luana Bertelli is a policewoman who loves women and is a woman who does not give up. Not even on the night when a murder touches closely. Manuel was a friend and a colleague. His wife Victoria had haunted a bit '. Their violent death is a tragedy that can not be stored without explanation. There is a Chinese company, behind the scenes, there are complex relationships, and Luana asks for help from Stucky. Among Chinese brothels, the Persian uncle in crisis and the yellow Audi burning tires and brains, the inspector Stucky would be tempted to hold back. Except that Manuel loved in turn, were it not that this investigation is more than a dramatic challenge; except that to win it must be an invention, a wing beat, one of those gestures of generous imagination that please him. By a case of burning record, a sweet and compelling novel about our vulnerability, our determination, our creativity, our ability a bit 'daring but inexhaustible, to invent solutions.


Born in the Venetian hinterland, a few decades ago. She has very blue eyes and really use them to watch; fascinated by elementary particles, from all animals and stories, he taught natural sciences and writes. His first novel (The Lottery) speaks of dwarfs and whales, the second opens the Inspector series Stucky (Contracts of Treviso, roasted Penguins, Buffalo Bill in Venice, Prosecco As long as there is hope, love is water soluble, it's easy to say the Adriatic). Succulent talk about Portugal and lack. If I embrace you not to be afraid, that recounts the journey in motion for the Americas of a father with his autistic son, has won many awards, it has been translated into nine languages ​​and has long dominated the charts of best selling books. You do not remain silent is the novel where he plays himself more openly, to the point that when he wrote it, all of a sudden, the boundaries between narrative and reality have fallen: the novel has entered the life and life in the novel, with an unexpected transfer of emotion and truth.


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