15 Jul 2016 Hour 18:00
Palazzo Flangini

Thomas Dognazzi


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16 July-14 August 2016
Opening cocktail Friday, July 15 at 18.00

Thomas Dognazzi born in Cremona on May 20, 1966. From an early age shows a strong and fervent interest in contemporary art, more so fascinated by the works of the great masters of geometric abstraction '900, which also has the privilege of meeting and to attend (among the most important Bonalumi, Veronesi, Carmi, Perilli, Munari, Nigro, Dorazio, Alviani, Costalonga).

The artistic journey, now almost thirty years, it performs, starting from the early works, made ​​in the late eighties, evidently still tied to the dogmas of the rationality of the A concrete rte, to gradually refine itself over time. The pictorial goal is always to find new inspirations dialectical, following a continuous personal search, which tends to phase out the testimonies of pure geometrical composition, to get to substantiate, in fact, in a more concise scenario, mainly engaged in instant representation of forms of dynamic spatial and conceptual. The last works carried out are titled fact

Solo exhibitions are held since the early nineties: Dognazzi exhibited in Milan at the gallery "The New Sphere", in Bologna at the gallery "Art Space", in Genoa at the "San Benigno", in Verona at "Line 70", in Brescia the gallery "San Paolo", in Cremona at the gallery "the Triangle", in Milano Marittima in the halls of the hotel "Mare Pineta", in Pesaro at the headquarters of the Furniture Club, Bellagio with the exhibition "Symphonie de couleurs". It also participates in numerous group exhibitions, winning prizes and awards. Some works are in residence at prestigious galleries such as "Studio F22" Palazzolo sull'Oglio (BS) and Orler gallery of Abano Terme (PD).
Currently Thomas Dognazzi lives and works in Venice.

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