From 28 Jun 2016 to 06 Sep 2016
Museo Archeologico Nazionale

Summer at the Museum - Six of art and archeology conversations


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For summer 2016 the National Archaeological Museum of Venice a new series of meetings dedicated to archeology and art cycle: six conversations that focus on as many works of the Archaeological Museum will be an opportunity to open a window into the ancient world and that of collectors who wanted them in their collections.

This year, by popular demand, appointments were scheduled in the evening hours, at 17.00, unchanged maintaining free admission by the monumental courtyard of the museum, overlooking Piazzetta San Marco.


- Tuesday, June 28, 17:00

"the happiest man." The Kleobis relief and Biton
by Francesca Cream

- Tuesday, 5 July, 17:00

"In diplomatic bag". Events and fortune Cameo with Jupiter Egioco
by Marcella de Paul

- Tuesday, 19 July, 17:00

"The navel of the world". The relief with the Delphic tripod
by Maria Gerarda Marino

- Tuesday, August 9, 17:00

"Guess Who's Coming to Dinner". Tableware and power in the ancient world
by Angelo Stuto

- Tuesday, August 30, 17:00

"Should not defy the gods." The relief with the massacre of Niobe
by Marcella de Paul

- Tuesday, September 6th, 17:00

"A Star in the Mediterranean". An honorary inscription island of Delos
by Francesca Cream

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