From 01 Dec 2016 to 02 Dec 2016
IUAV Palazzo Badoer

The research that changes

2nd National Congress of Italian architecture doctorates, planning and design


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The research that changes
2nd National Congress of Italian architecture doctorates, planning and design

promoted by
Graduate School Iuav
edited by

Lorenzo and Mauro Fabian in March

The conference brings together the best doctoral research in Italy in the fields of architecture, planning, design and compares 30 Doctoral Schools and 108 between speakers, discussants, teachers, doctors and doctoral students from 21 Italian cities.

Among the objectives of the conference promoted by IUAV, creating a great mapping of research topics, even to begin the construction of an observatory of doctoral research in Italy in the disciplines of architecture, planning and design.
During the two days of the study will be presented at Palazzo Badoer an initial mapping of 221 doctoral research, in 1016 we consulted texts, authors of reference 581 and 349 case studies distributed worldwide.

It will speak of the great physical and social changes taking place in every part of the world and at the same time the specificity of the places, the possibility of reuse of artifacts and vast urban areas, but also the most appropriate ways to relate and build spaces of contemporary life .
The aim is to enable a comparison starting from the problems and issues, rather than, as is traditionally the case, from the disciplines.
Hence the particular articulation of the two days in which teachers and researchers from various disciplines will discuss together is around 15 large tables that within two plenary sessions.

The protagonists are the young PhD students, their research and their contribution to the growth of the country, but also the public will help build a new and dynamic dimension of the conference.
Listeners may in fact move freely inside the palace made entirely at the disposal of the meeting, and choose to follow the interventions according to their interests.

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