18 Oct 2016 Hour 16:00

Presentation of theater classes for adults and kids


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Presentation of theater classes for adults and kids
Curated by José Manuel Diaz Luzardo

These courses are designed for those who love the theater, but not only. They are suitable for anyone who feels the need to express themselves creatively, willing to get involved and share their passions. We will create situations and characters that allow you to learn techniques of interpretation, theater writing elements, body language and voice use. The final presentation will be drawn up from suggestions of the participants through the creation of scenic and multimedia elements.

- CHILDREN 11-15 YEARS between 16:00 and 17:00
- CHILDREN 16-18 YEARS from 17:00 to 18:00
- ADULT from 21:00 to 22:00

The courses are organized and taught by José Manuel Diaz Luzardo, director, actor, teacher. He teaches theater for twelve years and was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1985. He started acting at the age of seven years as a radio and television actor, only later discovers the theater and they are passionate. He graduated from the Institute of Holguin Art Teachers. Degree in communication, organizes courses and workshops addressed to social workers and teachers. He currently works on theatrical projects and teaching of the Spanish language in the municipality of Venice territory.

Informazioni aggiuntive

For more information and confirmation of attendance at courses presentations are invited to contact the teacher by e-mail or mobile phone number:
Email Silvia: luzardo85@gmail.com
Silvia cell: 3480975370

The prerequisite for participation is the membership ARCI 2016.
How can you be ARCI members?
You can ask the membership of Venice Provincial ARCI, or through the Association of Flat.

All courses are reserved for members ARCI
For information about other courses offered by Flat: corsi.flat@gmail.com

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