10 Sep 2016 Hour 20:30
Teatro La Fenice

Premio Campiello 2016


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The "Campiello" is a literary prize, established in 1962 by the will of the Veneto Industrial, which is assigned to the works of Italian fiction.

The Premio Campiello in its history has proved the validity of its cultural choices by reporting to the attention of the general public numerous authors and novels that have marked the history of Italian literature. The Campiello, has seen the success of the competition entries confirmed both by the sales but also the film adaptation of some of them. Today the Prize, considered one of the most prestigious in Italy and among the most important in the Italian publishing, is a channel by which the Venetians Industrial intend to offer their contribution to the promotion of Italian fiction and to promote and spread the pleasure to reading in the knowledge that an award finds its highest reason for being in the "create new readers".
It has been shown to the initial idea and never changed the mechanism devised to reach the winner: the jury, a technical and a popular.

Finalists Prize giving ceremony of the Authors
The Campiello Prize is dedicating a special evening to the celebration of the authors finalists. In Venice, in a picturesque setting, the night before the final ceremony of the Award winner holding the Award Ceremony of the five authors. And 'it opens to the public meeting.

The press conference of presentation of the finalists
On the same day the concluding ceremony held in Venice the press conference to present the finalists authors and the winner of the First Film awards.
On this occasion he was proclaimed the winner of the Competition Campiello Giovani.
They are present: the authors, the finalists of the Competition Campiello Young boys, members of the jury of literati, the institutional offices of the Foundation and the Prize.

Prize-giving ceremony of the Winner
This is held in Venice Award Ceremony in contexts of the most representative and prestigious history and culture of the city. It 'a unique event, by invitation, where mix worldliness, culture and entertainment. There are the highest institutional, world and national Confindustria Veneto and entrepreneurship. Additional guest speakers from the entertainment world and the Italian culture.
The closing ceremony, dedicated to the finalists writers and their novels, alternating moments of musical and theatrical entertainment.
During this ceremony it is done the counting of the Jury of cards Three hundred readers who, with their vote, decide the winner among five finalists writers.
In addition to the overall winner is awarded the winner of the Premio Campiello award - Opera Prima, the Italian and foreign winner of the competition and the winner of the Young Campiello Campiello Europe.

The 5 finalists:

"The last children of the century" by Alessandro Bertante (Giunti)

"Simple things" Luke Doninelli (Bompiani)

"The fire rules" by Elisabetta Rasy (Rizzoli)

"The Garden of the Flies" by Andrea Tarabbia (Ponte alle Grazie)

"The first truth" Simona Vinci (Einaudi)

The winner of the Premio Campiello - Opera Prima
"The theology of the boar" Gesuino nemus (Elliot)

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