07 Sep 2016 Hour 18:30
Casa dei Tre Oci

"Portraits" by Maurizio Galimberti


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Simultaneously at the Venice Film Festival, Maurizio Galimberti Festival presents, at the Casa dei Tre Oci the photographic book "Portraits" (SilvanaEditoriale), together with the Blessed Donato curator and artistic director of the Three OIC Denis Curti. Galimberti in the meeting will be available to sign copies of his book.

"Portraits" is the first published anthology of over 180 portraits by Maurizio Galimberti in more than thirty years of artistic career, from early experimentation to the compositions of single polaroid become famous worldwide as the "mosaic". The portraits immortalize the most representative figures of our time, by Umberto Eco to Mimmo Rotella and Carla Fracci, with a significant foray into the world of cinema, from Michelangelo Antonioni to George Clooney, from Monica Bellucci to Robert De Niro, Johnny Depp in Wim Wenders, to name a few.

"The eye of the photographer - the curator - focuses on the details, on the qualities and imperfections that predominate the face and are turned, at the time of realization of the shot, into fragments, marked by a succession of regular intervals. Single Polaroid, a multitude of unique carriers of a single identity take shape at the time of composition, manual intervention, the artist will perform during the installation of the portrait and it will remain permanently imprinted on the instant film. " Galimberti was the first to use this technique, choosing Snapshot world as a medium of choice. As observed by Denis Curti, "that which has no equal is his way of understanding and doing photography, many try to imitate him, but no one succeeds."

Maurizio Galimberti. Biographical note

Galimberti was born in Como in 1956; in 1991 he began working with Polaroid Italy which soon becomes the official spokesperson, reinventing the "Photo Mosaic" technique that initially fits the genre of the portrait and later in landscapes, buildings and cities (with monographic publications of Paris, Berlin , New York, Lisbon and Venice). In Venice, the artist will be a guest several times as the official portraitist of the Film Festival immortalizing celebrities of the silver screen and became renowned artist consecrated by Times Magazine who chooses his portrayal of Johnny Depp for the cover. His exhibition Landscape Italy, promoted by the Institute of Sciences, Letters and Arts, produced by the Casa dei Tre Oci and Civita Tre Venezie, in collaboration with Giart of Bologna, which was made into the eponymous book published by Marsilio Editori, published in February 2013. on the occasion of EXPO Milano 2015, he published the book MILAN by Maurizio Galimberti, with texts by Dario Fo, Piero Lissoni, Davide Oldani. With the exhibition AriDadaKali was testimonial for photography under the PARMA360 event - Festival of Contemporary Creativity.

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