08 Feb 2017 Hour 17:00
Casa di Carlo Goldoni

"The origins of the modern theater" Franco Perrelli

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In collaboration with the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice and Fondazione Giorgio Cini

presentation of the book
"The origins of the modern theater. From Jarry to Brecht", Franco Perrelli, Laterza, 2016.
It presents Maria Ida Biggi

The turn of the nineteenth and twentieth century was one of the most vibrant and stormy in the history of all the arts, characterized by a continuous succession of positions tenacious attachment to the past and rejection of tradition, experimentation and realization of deliberately commercial products, scandal and morality. And perhaps especially, the theater was in the middle of extremely lively clashes that saw alternating conservatives to the experimenters, the right-minded to provocative, but evidenziarono especially the need on the one hand to defend a commercial product linked to a solid tradition and on the other the need to renew the European scene with a completely new work, designed to give new life to dramatic art.
The first decades of the twentieth century thus represent for the history of the revolutionary era and excessive theater, which boasts among its protagonists figures as Jarry, Strindberg, Craig, Appia, Stanislavski, Marinetti, Meyerhold, Brecht and Artaud, to name just a few.
This interesting new essay by Franco Perrelli reconstructs the dramatic theories elaborated in those years, he recalls in detail the most important shows and especially highlights the close relationship between direction and scenography, an aspect which also opens an analytical view of many traits of the theater contemporary.

Franco Perrelli is Professor of Performing Arts Disciplines at DAMS University of Turin and directs the Graduate School of Artistic Disciplines, Music and Performing Arts. Specialist of the Scandinavian and contemporary theater has edited the first Italian edition of the letters of Henrik Ibsen and August Strindberg and the theatrical writings strindberghiani. He has given lectures, seminars and conferences in Paris, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Oslo, Rejkyavik, Mexico City and Shanghai.

Maria Ida Biggi is a professor at the University Ca 'Foscari of Venice where he held numerous courses related to the scenery but also the history of theater. He is director of the Research Documentation Centre for Studies on European Theatre and Opera Giorgio Cini Foundation, institution that, under his leadership, supports research and the disclosure of their science through various initiatives: on the one hand the preservation and promotion of own document archives, the development of a rich iconographic theme archive and the organization of seminars and conferences of international importance, in collaboration with Italian and foreign cultural institutions.

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