04 Sep 2016 Hour 10:00
Hotel Excelsior - Lido di Venezia

The future of cinema is not in the past


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On the occasion of the 73rd International Film Festival Venice Film Festival, will be held the tenth Conference of Film Studies organized by Microcinema The future of cinema is not in the past.

The event, which aims to shed light on the possibilities of development and investment of the Italian film industry, will be developed through a debate on four main themes:

- "It is the East, and especially China to dictate the future of the box office"
- "The future of the Italian cinema, art house and commercial"
- "The Role of the State"
- "Exploitation of the rights of a film, between tradition and new frontiers"

The conference, which this year reaches its tenth edition, will be introduced by greetings Roberto Bassano (CEO Microcinema) and Luigi Cuciniello (Venice International Film Festival of Venice, President ANEC). The meeting will also include the presentation of the ninth volume of the series The Microcinema Notebooks, entitled "The Best Years".

"At the Congress of Microcinema Film Studies, now in its tenth edition, - declares Roberto Bassano - we invited to attend highly qualified speakers to address, in line with the meetings of the last few years, a theme that is at the heart of our project of cultural studies and research. The Future of Cinema is not in the past, becomes a topic even more relevant and necessary today, in light of the historical moment through the Italian and international cinema, with the hope that the debate, lively as every year, will promote and food important reflections for a renewed impetus to new opportunities for growth and development of the sector, national and beyond. "

Edited by Cesare Fragnelli (Director of Distribution Microcinema) and moderated by Silvana Molino (General Microcinema) Director, the Convention provides for the participation of the following speakers: Nicola Borrelli (MiBACT - General Direction for Cinema), Carlo Degli Esposti (Palomar), Maria Francesca Lossa (Infinity), Luigi Lonigro (01 Distribution / Rai Cinema, Vice President of Film Distributors Italian), Gabriele Mainetti (Director of the newly They Call Jeeg), Andrea Occhipinti (Lucky Red, Chairman Coordinator of Film Distributors Italian, AD Circuit Cinema).

An event designed specifically to Microcinema to shed light on the future of the Italian cinema market, which through debates and interventions will see on their stage personalities like Gabriele Mainetti, Andrea Occhipinti.

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Ticket: Free admission

At: Sala Tropicana 1 - Fondazione Ente dello Entertainment, Hotel Excelsior - Venice Lido

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