From 07 Sep 2016 to 06 Dec 2016
Biblioteca Nazionale Marciana

Foreigners, barbarians, migrants

The story of history to understand the present


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It resumes in September the series of meetings that the National Library Marciana has dedicated to the comparison with the Other in History, a crucial issue for our present in which history can provide insights and experiences from which to learn.

The scholarly conversations lead us to explore the perception of foreigners, to know the real story of coexistence and contrast, to seek common ground and differences of different cultures, addressing the meeting moments in everyday stories, including concierge will and feelings of fear and rejection. If the first part was devoted to the Middle Ages and the early modern period, the autumn meetings will focus moments and reality by late modernity until the beginning of the twentieth century, while the round table will be devoted to this multiculturalism of Venice and to the problems BUSINESS.

The series, created by Tiziana Plebani (Department of History and Education of the Marciana National Library) provides seven games, always on Wednesday, at 17:00, and will be held at the Sansovino Library (Piazzetta San Marco 13 / a, Venice).

Program in September - December:

- September 7: Giuseppina Minchella, open borders. Muslims, Jews and cristini in the Republic of Venice (buckets. XVI-XVII)

- September 21: Vera Costantini, when foreigners were us: Venetian in from Mar State (buckets. XVI-XVII)

- October 6: Andrea Zannini, Venice Open City. Immigrants, beggars, and visitors grantouristi (buckets. XVII-XVIII)

- October 19: Mario Infelise, Perspectives (real or imagined) between Europe and the East at the time of the Enlightenment (XVIII cent.)

- November 3: Peter Lando, Entrepreneurs and foreign capital in Venice (buckets. XIX-early XX)

- November 16: Piero Brunello, Foresti, strangers and foreigners in the Austrian Venice (century. XIX)

- 7 December: Roundtable on Venezia multicultural and welcoming foreigners

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