28 Nov 2016 Hour 19:30
Libreria MarcoPolo - Campo S. Margherita

"The favored" by Matthias Lehmann

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"The favored" by Matthias Lehmann, meeting with the author

Matthias Lehmann talks Alessio Trabacchini of 001 editions.

Fresh from Bilbolbul. Bologna International comic, festival comes at Library MarcoPolo, Matthias Lehmann's favorite, which represents the debut of Matthias Lehmann in Italy.

We meet so Constance, is ten years old, is an orphan and lives locked in a palace with grandparents, two strangers, he alcoholic, her domineering and sadistic. Constance is happy as it can be a ten year old girl locked in a building from which you can not escape: he spends his time around the house and the neighborhood ... But there is something that the reader does not know, is a secret, a great secret, that the main character will have to face. The favorite is a story of discovery and self-discovery.

Matthias Lehmann
Born near Paris, Franco-Brazilian origin, Matthias Lehmann (1978) is a cartoonist, painter and illustrator. He started his artistic career specializing in engraving techniques, and has participated in numerous collective projects including magazines (Jade, Ferraille), anthologies (Comix 2000 Lapin) and exhibitions. Among his books published in France, Isolacity (The Association, 2001); The Étouffeur de la RN115 (Actes Sud, 2006), made entirely with the scratchboard technique and inspired by the work of Thomas Ott; Les Larmes d'Ezéchiel (Actes Sud, 2009), that weaves a touching story about adolescence trauma ironic reflection on the meaning of artistic activity; and the collection of illustrations La Ruche et le mémorial (Ion, 2016).
He collaborates with Libération, Le Monde des Livres, Sine Mensuel and Marianne. His latest graphic novel, The favored (001 Editions, 2016), a haunting tale about childhood construction supported by a virtuous drawing was part of the official selection at the 2016 Angoulême Festival.

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