19 Jan 2017 Hour 18:00
Biblioteca Civica di Mestre Villa Erizzo | VEZ

Exhibition "Wise Narratives"

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Elizabeth Ticco, cultural promoter meets
Simonetta TASSINARI, author of
"The sister of Schopenhauer was an escort"

An affectionate and funny portrait of the generation smartphone-equipped, serious and light-hearted, which goes to the root of the need for better at pretending than it has
There are learned men even among the professors. Giuseppe Prezzolini
There are guys caught even among pupils. Anonymous

This book contains a repertoire of hilarious mistakes in geography, history and philosophy fished from everyday life, and analyze the main strategies adopted by students to fool the professor who knows what, however, is unknown. Its uniqueness is that it is updated to the last hour, and in the case of errors (some of which are unthinkable if not today) that the tricks used to pass the school year without straining neurons. Traditional media have in fact added new tricks-prof: smartphones, which allow access to Wikipedia, the preferred source of the boys, or sites made just for them. But "The sister of Schopenhauer was an escort," he is also the affectionate and funny portrait of the generation smartphone-equipped, trying desperately to get away to school in a kind of struggle for survival not unlike that of the manager who tries to impose itself, in 'eternal antagonism between those who judge and who must be judged. Limited simply to the results it seems that the new techniques have mostly increased the possibilities of making a mistake, and that has never wrong (in names, in fact, in the concepts, spelling) so much as now. Yet are we really sure that current students are worse than those who preceded them? Who has never told at least once to his sons, "When I was in school, I ..."? Instead, pupils of all ages are alike.


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