30 Jan 2017 Hour 17:30
Ateneo Veneto di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti

CONSTANTINE AND PETER REYER GALLO. The origins of modern sports in Venice

Giorgio Crovato and Alessandro Rizzardini


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Book presentation

The origins of modern sports in Venice

Giorgio Crovato and Alessandro Rizzardini
(Venice, Marsilio 2016)

The authors converse with historian Lucio Sponza, who wrote the preface of the book.

For each Venetian lagoon Reyer is synonymous with basketball, but how many know the story of Constantine Reyer and Peter Gallo, the "Dioscuri" that in mid-nineteenth century brought the practice to Venice and passion for gymnastics and for the sport? So far there was an in-depth study of the development of these physical activities in the lagoon city, but to fill this gap we thought Crovato Giorgio and Alessandro Rizzardini, through careful research supported by images and unpublished documents.
The result is the book - published by Marsilio - which looks at the Ateneo Veneto on this occasion: a book that covers almost a century of history in the nineteenth and twentieth century, especially from the point of view of physics at the origins of modern sport Venice.
For the development of these sports figures Reyer and Gallo were fundamental. The two Ginnasiarchi were now not only the memory, perhaps shaded, but also a lively track and present their work: they are considered one of the founding fathers of the Italian gymnastics, physical education precursors and many sports played today.
Reyer and Gallo chose the northeast to start its work, which saw them engaged in a wider context, both national and European. There are many initiatives that started, with the help of co-workers and students who in turn were distinguished in varied disciplines by founding new companies or devoting himself to teaching in schools of all levels, and involving young people and adults, boys and girls, public institutions and private. From gymnastics to the vogue, from fencing to athletics, from football to basketball, the Veneto region was home to many qualified events.

Giorgio Crovato is a historian. The environment and the company of the Venetian lagoon have played an important role in its research interests. Among the latest publications he edited: Historic Regatta (The Polygraph 2005), The race of the XX Settembre (Marsilio 2007), St. Erasmus (The Polygraph 2009), The Heritage Carive. The historical archives and collections of the Cassa di Risparmio di Venezia (monotype Cremonese 2012), Venezia twentieth century. Using lagoon waters (University of Lyon in 2014) and, in collaboration with his brother Maurizio, Venice is a race (San Marco Press and Supernova 2014).

Alessandro Rizzardini journalist and photographer, is among the founders of the Sports Promotion ve.Sport. In 2008 he won the special prize of the City of Venice as the best Venetian sports photographer. Among his publications: Big Boys! 100 short stories and a bit 'crazy on the Venetian sports (special issue 150th ve.Sport 2010), Venetians (almost) famous (The Toilet 2010), La Giudecca Rowing Club 1981-2011 (Marsilio 2011).

Lucio Sponza taught at Westminster University in London. A number of his contributions in the field of social history, including: Italian Immigrants in the Nineteenth-Century Britain: Realities and Images (1988), Divided Loyalties. Italians in Britain During The Second World War (2000), The arsenal, the arsenal, the Castello district and the city, from the pages of the "Gazzettino", 1945-2015 (2015).

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