31 Jan 2017 Hour 13:00
IUAV Tolentini



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After renovation ceremony of undergraduate thesis, commissioned by the rector Alberto Ferlenga to give relief to one of the most important moments in the life of a student, Iuav offers a new opportunity to highlight the excellent results achieved by many master degree theses at the University.
The prize for the best dissertation in 2016 will be attributed to 6 theses, one for each of the proposed training supply chains from Iuav: architecture, visual arts, design, fashion, planning, theater.

The winning theses were identified among a shortlist of 40 works selected during the year by the graduation commission and sent, strictly anonymous, judged by a panel of external experts.
Flattering comments of the evaluators, who have found themselves in trouble deciding between all senior thesis.
In one case, within the design theme, it was awarded an ex aequo to two theses that address both, with concrete and viable proposals outcomes, the project of artifacts that allow you to respond to crippling disability in physiological and cognitive domain in childhood.
In fiiera architecture it hits a project work in the footsteps of the places of Suleiman the Lawgiver, including Constantinople, Vienna and Szigetvar.
The capsule collection selected in the fashion industry has been defined as a significant contribution to Fashion Theory, up to the most current proposals of young scholars / designers internationally.
Food and nutrition as a catalyst of actions in urban policy agendas is the object of the most popular thesis in the field of planning.
For the visual arts he has been investigated the painter, photographer and experimental film director Paolo Gioli, with excellent results from the narrative point of view of an artist's path; in the theater, finally, the Disney parks were chosen and investigated as places to deepen the relationship between scenography and reality.

The delivery of certificates to the best thesis in 2016 will take place in the auditorium at Tolentini Tuesday, January 31 at 13.
Young graduates illustrate briefly rewarded their work, the presence of the speakers, the rector and the directors of curriculum and Iuav departments.

During the academic year 2015-2016 at the University Iuav of Venice they were discussed about 650 undergraduate theses and 500 MSc thesis.
For young graduates become finalists or winners from these numbers is an important result and can be considered a great business card for entry into the professional world.


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