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Altripiani project, storie di incontri

Volti, luoghi e fotografie

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Carlo Urbani - Storico e conservatore all'Istituto Veneto

Giacomo Frison -Fotografo e ideatore di Altripiani

Il Progetto:

Turkey - Georgia - Armenia - Iran

From Istanbul to Tehran through the Caucasus.
Follow the reportage with Giacomo & Christopher #altripianitripjackchris

Altripiani is a project which develops itself in four different countries.

The name of the project is a play on words in Italian between "altipiani" – Plateaus, and "altri", meaning other, alternative. We would make our way across the Anatolian, Armenian and Iranian plateaus, hiking our way over the Kaçkar, the Caucasus, the lesser Caucasus and the mountains of Elburz, walking along the same transhumance trails used by shepherds for thousands of years, crossing our paths with an immense spectrum of cultures, languages and religions.

A journey with my anthropologist friend Christopher Dowling in a region too often associated with wars, horrific genocides, political oppression and widespread underdevelopment and poverty.
Nevertheless we decided to try to focus and highlight the positives. Not by downplaying and closing our eyes to the harsh realities we would encounter, on the contrary our mission was to bring out the incredible stories of resilience, the powerful hopes for brighter futures and the heart-warming flashes of inspiring humanity to be found in the most unexpected places.
The experience was strong, slow, long and on the road.
Discouraging moments were few and apart and wholly eclipsed by the overwhelming positive experiences of hospitality, kindness, curiosity and beauty we encountered.

Altripiani is a trip which documents, describes, tells, photographs and stores up stories and traditions.
The project doesn't want to theorise nor teach or offer solutions, but to recover and take note.

There'll be more complete clips... this is just the beginning.


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