City Life and Sport

City Life and Sport

Some sports activities related to the city of Venice have become very successful events, such as the Vogalonga: the most important Venetian rowing event in which also many Italian and foreign rowers. The race on the traditional craft has become the symbol of awareness to a burning issue, strongly felt in the city of Venice: the protection from wave action and the protection of the fragility of the lagoon.

Staying with traditional sports related to the theme of water, there are many sports associations that organize rowing or sailing courses, distributed in different areas of the city, from Cannaregio Giudecca, in Mestre.

For some years the island of St. Erasmus Rowing Camp provides children and teenagers rowing courses and interesting workshops to learn about the extraordinary and unique natural environment of the lagoon.

The "old" but glorious Stadio Penzo is the historical site where it triggers rooting arancioneroverde of football, providing entertainment opportunities for lively discussions and ideas that animate the Venetian city life.

While the Palasport Taliercio in Mestre, links its name to the business of the Human Reyer basketball, as well as being a multifunctional structure able to host not only sports events but also shows and conventions.

For lovers of outdoor sports just put on a pair of sneakers and start running for streets, bridges and squares. An activity in which you will often see in and around the city, "panting" Venetians and foreigners who do not want to miss the opportunity to do jogging in a unique environment that motivates you to feel healthy in body and spirit.

The "Su e Zo per i ponti" and the Venice Marathon are the two best known internationally venetian events, that best testify to the ability to Venice in sports also make some real "symbol events" of a city that counts walking ... possibly with the nose to be surprised by unexpected beauty.

From 01 May 2017 to 26 Nov 2017
  • Rowing
Comune di Cavallino-Treporti
Via Concordia 27
30013 Ca' Savio VE
From 19 Aug 2017 to 20 Aug 2017
  • Public Event
Isola di Burano
30142 Venezia VE